Last month I worked for IDFA (Internationaal Documentaire Film Festival) in Amsterdam. During the festival I photographed Esther Utjiua Muinjangue die de hoofdrol speelde in Skulls, of my people.

The photo became the cover of the IDFA Newspaper!

IDFA2016 dagkrant cover beeld Joke Schut


Mijn beeld voor De Kracht van Rotterdam buiten te bewonderen!

Incredible massive extremely big! There he is! My image for De Kracht van Rotterdam. This is where you work for. Rule the world with images! #proud.

The next few months you can see it in real life at the Becramming 90, in Rotterdam Overschie. Next to this image my photo will also been showed in the group expo at Willemsplein next to the Spido. And if this is not enough you can also see it at the subway hall at  te Wilhelminaplein. BAMM! BAMM! BAMM!

Jos Maessen – gemeente Amsterdam Sekseregistratie


Portrait of Jos Maessen for the city hall in Amsterdam. Commissioned by NVVB. Amsterdam is working really hard to make gender neutral forms. The NVVB is writing this article so other city’s could follow the example of Amsterdam.

20160920 nvvb Jos maassen 034 as Smart Object 1 480x640 - Jos Maessen - gemeente Amsterdam Sekseregistratie

Amsterdam, 20 September 2016. Portret van Jos Maassens voor gemeentehuis Amsterdam in opdracht voor NVVB. photographer: Joke Schut