The Rotterdam UitAgenda of December is published. I create a monthly column where I portray a co-facilitator of the art and culture scene. This  edition I took a portrait of  the soundchecker of the Organ.

On an early saturday morning I grabbed my gear and biked to the Laurens Church. There I met Johan. Johan was a bit surly and didn’t tell much about what he was going to do. He putted down a ladder, climed up to the pipes and went on working. Leaving me a bit lost behind.

Moments later he needed some help and asked me to take a seat behind the organ. He asked me to press certain pedals and keys. Although this was quite an experience, I still hadn’t taken a single photo. After I had helped him, I was given 10 seconds to take a picture of him. It really became 1 click, 1 photo.

This made the shoot quite a challenge and a good laugh later on. But hey, the result is no less.

You can read the full article over here on page 20 & 21 of the Rotterdam UitAgenda.

Rotterdam UitAgenda OrgelStemmer - Portrait of the Organ tuner