Making a portrait on see with the sailor of the Haaibaai.

I like to work for beautiful magazines and nice companies. And sometimes, working on assignment is so much fun that it feels like free work. For the Rotterdam UitAgenda, I photographed people who contribute something behind the scenes or outside the spotlight to the art and culture scene of Rotterdam.

Willem Lodder is the captain of the Haaibaai boat. Every two weeks he sails with his boat to the Maasvlakte to fetch water for the Oceanium from Blijdorp zoo

With large fire hoses he transfers 300 cubic meters of water from a seagoing vessel to his own ship. The water at the Maasvlakte is not suitable, that water does not have the perfect salt content. That is why a sea ship takes it from the Bay of Biscay for him.

During the transfer of the water we had plenty of time for a beautiful portrait. There are a number of things to take into account for this photo shoot. As always the leaf seam, and the text that is in a fixed place. I keep this in my mind during the photoshoot. This ensures that the advertising agency can ultimately make a perfect spread in the magazine.

We also want the photo to have a little joke. Well … On a boat on which fake penguins are mounted, that joke is naturally made easy

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