Get snowed under while taking a portrait photo!

For the Rotterdam UitAgenda I made for two years a portrait of people who contribute something to the art and culture scene of Rotterdam behind the scenes or outside the spotlight for two years.

For a new theater piece: “Snow Is Comming”, it must start to storm very fast. “The whole theater must be covered with snow, and we will make it very cold”

David van der Wees is a set builder and is building a snow machine for this play. The machine is not working perfectly yet. With a little shaking, the built-in fan got a grip on the snow papers, and it soon snowed around.

A good portrait photo does not swirl down like the snow in this photo, but lingers and leaves a lasting impression. Would you also like to get such a portrait photo? Then contact me. Also read other articles? Take a look at my linkedIn.

Screenshot 2019 03 12 at 19.00.01 940x700 - Portrait photo of the set designer RoTheater.