Dutch Film Festival 2019
3746041019 Grolsch Gouden Kalveren Gala Winnaar Julia Akkermans JS copy 2 940x1408 - Dutch Film Festival 2019

Every year, at the end of September, there is the Nederlands Film Festival (The Dutch Film Festival). This is ten day’s long a big party for the Dutch Film Industry. During the openings night, the film Instinct went in premiere. Further down the week there are all kind of events, lectures, educational programs and the biggest highlight of this week is the Golden Calf Gala. During this gala there is an award show.

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10 days, 10 papers, 10 deadlines. 10 newcomers.

The 37th edition of Oerol took place in June. Less than a week before the cultural festival starts, I receive a phone call asking me if I want to contribute to the daily newspaper this year.

Every morning we meet as editors. The theme for the Thursday newspaper is: Friendship. Oerol has made a friendship with newcomers. They work as volunteers at the festival. Ensure that the canteen is clean, that visitors get their drinks and together form a close team.

When we approach them to get their picture taken, they are incredibly willing to work with us. What a lovely sweet boys! Proud of their work, enthusiastic about the festival and the atmosphere. Without difficulty they pose proudly. They join forces without knowing what the theme of the newspaper is.

here they are, together. Goosebumps.

Portrait preporator Natural historical museum

This month, the preparer of the natural history museum. He preps all kinds of animals that are exhibited in the museum.

In the basement I see all the animals: Foxes, birds, mice and an unborn baby on strong water. I am really impressed by everything I see. For the photo he preps a ferret. Suddenly he cuts something that he should not have done. A huge stench permeates the space.

Slightly intoxicated by the stinking air, he continues to work.

Read the full article on page 21 of the Rotterdam UitAgenda.

Portrait Willem Lodder

Making a portrait on see with the sailor of the Haaibaai.

I like to work for beautiful magazines and nice companies. And sometimes, working on assignment is so much fun that it feels like free work. For the Rotterdam UitAgenda, I photographed people who contribute something behind the scenes or outside the spotlight to the art and culture scene of Rotterdam.

Willem Lodder is the captain of the Haaibaai boat. Every two weeks he sails with his boat to the Maasvlakte to fetch water for the Oceanium from Blijdorp zoo

With large fire hoses he transfers 300 cubic meters of water from a seagoing vessel to his own ship. The water at the Maasvlakte is not suitable, that water does not have the perfect salt content. That is why a sea ship takes it from the Bay of Biscay for him.

During the transfer of the water we had plenty of time for a beautiful portrait. There are a number of things to take into account for this photo shoot. As always the leaf seam, and the text that is in a fixed place. I keep this in my mind during the photoshoot. This ensures that the advertising agency can ultimately make a perfect spread in the magazine.

We also want the photo to have a little joke. Well … On a boat on which fake penguins are mounted, that joke is naturally made easy

This article, and many others can also be read on linkedIn. Do you also want such a tough, surprising portrait photo? Then contact me.

Portrait photo of the set designer RoTheater.

Get snowed under while taking a portrait photo!

For the Rotterdam UitAgenda I made for two years a portrait of people who contribute something to the art and culture scene of Rotterdam behind the scenes or outside the spotlight for two years.

For a new theater piece: “Snow Is Comming”, it must start to storm very fast. “The whole theater must be covered with snow, and we will make it very cold”

David van der Wees is a set builder and is building a snow machine for this play. The machine is not working perfectly yet. With a little shaking, the built-in fan got a grip on the snow papers, and it soon snowed around.

A good portrait photo does not swirl down like the snow in this photo, but lingers and leaves a lasting impression. Would you also like to get such a portrait photo? Then contact me. Also read other articles? Take a look at my linkedIn.

Screenshot 2019 03 12 at 19.00.01 940x700 - Portrait photo of the set designer RoTheater.
portrait photographer photographs the photo restorer.

Portrait of Katrin Pietsch: photo restorer of the Ed van der Elsken archive

For two years, the Rotterdam UitAgenda gave me portraits of people who contribute to the art and culture scene of Rotterdam behind the scenes or outside the spotlight. For me as a portrait photographer a very nice assignment for a very cool magazine.

Katrin Pietsch has been working on the restoration of 45,000 photos in recent years. The archive of photographer Ed van der Elsken was almost completely moldy. He kept his archive in a damp dyke house. Katrin came up with a method whereby she did not have to restore the photos individually. By working with a sheet, about 20 photos could be restored at the same time.

On the day of the photo shoot, she was busy restoring slide sixteen thousand. Not even half of all photos. While she is showing the process, she suddenly picks up a sheet to look through it, and there he is, the image. Exciting in composition, narrative by action. As a portrait photographer, I think this is what a good narrative portrait photo should have.

Do you also want such an original portrait photo? Then contact me. Read this article and many also on my LinkedIn.

Onderwaterportret van Hans Engelbrecht.

Hovenier van Het nieuwe Instituut

Naast mijn persoonlijke fotografie projecten werk ik in opdracht voor mooie magazines en leuke bedrijven. En soms, is in opdracht werken zó leuk dat het als vrijwerk voelt. Voor de Rotterdam UitAgenda fotografeerde ik twee jaar lang mensen die achter de schermen of buiten de spotlight iets bijdragen aan de kunst en cultuur scene van Rotterdam. 

Hans Engelbrecht is de Hovenier van Het nieuwe Instituut. Waarbij hij ook de vijver onderhoud. In de vijver leeft van alles: voorns, baarsjes, slakken en ja…alg. Die alg moest er uit want het nam al het licht weg waardoor al het andere leven geen ruimte meer kreeg.

Met een onderwaterbehuizing om mij camera heen, een wetsuit aan ging ik op een koude april ochtend de vijver in om het portret van hem te maken. Verstijfd, vermoeid en razend enthousiast kwam ik een uur later het water uit.

Wil je ook zo’n unieke portretfoto? Neem dan contact op met mij op.

Screenshot 2019 03 12 at 19.00.35 940x700 - Onderwaterportret van Hans Engelbrecht.
Women Connected

Thousand women in a theaterplay

Last week I portrayed power women who participate in the play Stille Heldinnen Disco XL. Where certainly a thousand (but preferably even more) women participate! The Rotterdam neighborhood theater makes theater performances with, by and for people from social groups who do not naturally come into contact with theater.

One of the projects is: Women Connected. Women from different countries, but living in Rotterdam, tell their story in theater performances.
On International Women’s Day 2019, the Stille Heldinnen Disco XL is the result. A wonderful initiative in which more than a thousand women will play!

Actress during the Silent Heroines disco heroines theater play.
Actress during the Silent Heroines disco theater play.


As a female portrait photographer I participate in my own way. This week I photograph the portraits used for the campaign.

Really enjoying being able to get these women, sometimes with some hesitation, in front of my lens. Encouraged by their fellow players, they steal the show and then my heart. Through traditional dances, beautiful clothing, and cultural traditions, each portrait is unique and each person tells her own story

If you also want a spontaneous portrait photo for your company, please  contact me!

180306 woman connected 2018 ©Grasshopperstudios 16599 940x325 - Women Connected
Portrait Ari Deelder

Last week I made a Portrait of Ari Deelder. Ari is the daughter of poet Jules Deelder. She has a montly film evening “CineBizari”. This film screening takes place  in the new Rotterdam Cinema Kino. I portrayed her for the column: UitRdam, in the Rotterdam UitAgenda. Arie Deelder - Portrait Ari Deelder

Portrait of the Organ tuner

The Rotterdam UitAgenda of December is published. I create a monthly column where I portray a co-facilitator of the art and culture scene. This  edition I took a portrait of  the soundchecker of the Organ.

On an early saturday morning I grabbed my gear and biked to the Laurens Church. There I met Johan. Johan was a bit surly and didn’t tell much about what he was going to do. He putted down a ladder, climed up to the pipes and went on working. Leaving me a bit lost behind.

Moments later he needed some help and asked me to take a seat behind the organ. He asked me to press certain pedals and keys. Although this was quite an experience, I still hadn’t taken a single photo. After I had helped him, I was given 10 seconds to take a picture of him. It really became 1 click, 1 photo.

This made the shoot quite a challenge and a good laugh later on. But hey, the result is no less.

You can read the full article over here on page 20 & 21 of the Rotterdam UitAgenda.

Rotterdam UitAgenda OrgelStemmer - Portrait of the Organ tuner

Coverphoto IDFA Daily

Last month I worked for IDFA (Internationaal Documentaire Film Festival) in Amsterdam. During the festival I photographed Esther Utjiua Muinjangue die de hoofdrol speelde in Skulls, of my people.

The photo became the cover of the IDFA Newspaper!

IDFA2016 dagkrant cover beeld Joke Schut


My contribution photo for De Kracht van Rotterdam

Incredible massive extremely big! There he is, my contribution for the photography competition De Kracht van Rotterdam. This is where I work for: Rule the world with awsome portrait photo’s! #proud.

Next few months you can see my selected image in real life at the Becramming 90, in Rotterdam Overschie. If this is not enough you can also see it at the subway hall at the Wilhelminaplein and also at the Willemsplein next to the Spido.


Portrait photo of the toiletlady.

Every month I photograph a co-facilitator in the art and culture scene. This month I portraited the toiletlady of the nightclub Annabel. Conny likes to take care of the audience by offering candy and deodorant.

The toilets are located in the basement of the club so there was no daylight. Because of this I had to improvise with creating a beautiful light to be able to take a portrait photo of her. To stay in the atmosphere of the club, I opted for a fairly hard and tough light source.

You can read the full article on page 25 of the Rotterdam UitAgenda.


Portrait of Jos Maessen – Goverment Amsterdam

Portrait of Jos Maessen for the cityhall in Amsterdam. Commissioned by NVVB. Amsterdam is working really hard to make gender neutral forms. The NVVB is writing this article so other city’s could follow the example of Amsterdam.

20160920 nvvb Jos maassen 034 as Smart Object 1 480x640 - Portrait of Jos Maessen - Goverment Amsterdam

Amsterdam, 20 September 2016. Portret van Jos Maassens voor gemeentehuis Amsterdam in opdracht voor NVVB. photographer: Joke Schut

Behind the scenes for the competition: De Kracht van Rotterdam.

Making off of the images for De Kracht van Rotterdam. In 2016 I’m one of the 12 professional photographers nominated. Every photographer is assigned to a neighborhood. My neighborhood is IJsselmonde / Beverwaard which is in the south of Rotterdam.

The assignment is: Take photographs in your assigned neighborhood in four time blocks. My times are: 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM, 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM and 2:00 AM to 4:00 AM

Dogs and their owners be warned I’m coming!

Screen Shot 2016 10 11 at 11.29.51 940x559 - Behind the scenes for the competition: De Kracht van Rotterdam.
Zomer Carnaval

Behind the scenes portraitshoot

Behind the scenes van de shoot voor de nieuwe Rotterdam Uit Agenda! Het zomercarnaval komt er aan. De medemogelijk maker van komende maand: De kostuummaakster. De diva in mij kon de jurken niet weerstaan..



In de reeks die we aan het maken zijn voor Vers Beton fotografeerde we vanmiddag deze ambitieuze medewerker jurist in spé. Hier alvast een sneak peak van het beeld dat maandag online gepubliceerd wordt.

Big Art calendar 2016

The 16th of juli is my day! Publication in the Big Rotterdam art calendar. With my photoseries of the shelterdogs in Istanbul.
Rotterdamse kunstkalender 2016 Joke SchutRotterdamse kunstkalender 2016 lancering