Portrait photography

With a story

You are looking for a professional portrait photography. Photography that looks fresh, vibrant and fun. Photography that attracts your target audience. Photography that tells a story.

Lets say, you want images that look legendary.

Out of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, I work as a portrait photographer throughout the country – and miles beyond – for the most beautiful magazines and companies all over the world to create these legendary images.

What can I photograph for you?

  • Photography for advertising campaigns
  • Visual content for Social media campaign
  • Image bank
  • Corporate portraits on location
  • corporate studio portrait
  • Yearbook photography
  • Group portrait
  • Business reportage
  • Trade magazines,
  • Magazine, journals or glossy
  • Social media content
  • Blog or newspages


Fashion designer Boris

Portrait of fashion designer Boris. Resident of an artist’s residence in the Lieven building.

Photoshoot commissioned by De Key

Icewater swimmer Susan

Susan swims in open water in summer and winter.

Shot for ‘GezondNu’ Magazine

National ombudsman

Reinier van Zutphen the national ombudsman.

Photoshoot for B&R magazine

Innova college

“Students at the Innova college”.

Campaign and image database for Het stedelijk lyceum.

Qibbel child bike seats

Photography for promotional material of the Qibbel child seats.

Commissioned by Widek.

Rishma Moennasing

Rishma Moennasing manager sustainability investment at Rabobank.

Image shot for citywire selector magazine

Gerard Spong

Business portrait of criminal lawyer Gerard Spong together with his dog.

Commissioned by Lourens Magazine

Inge Ernst

Inge Ernst director HR at Novonordisk

Portret van regisseur Shannon Murphy.

Shannon Murphy

Portrait of Shannon Murphy. Director of the movie Babyteeth.

Photoshoot commmissioned by the International Film Festival Rotterdamty

Katrin Pietsch

Portrait of Katrin Pietsch restorer of the photo archive of Ed van der Elsken.

Photoshoot for Rotterdam UitAgenda magazine,

Leopold Witte

Portrait of actor Leopold Witte.

Photoshoot commissioned by Lourens magazine.

Portret van Regisseur Janicza Bravo

Janicza Bravo

Portrait of Janicza Bravo. Director of the movie Lemon.

Photoshoot commissioned by the International Film Festival Rotterdam

Frank van Naarden

Business portrait Frank van Naarden. Investment broker at Sheldon Invest.

Guido van Til

Business portrait Guido van Til. Vice president digital strategy at KLM.

Anna Hazewindus

Corporate portrait Anna Hazewindus. Candidate civil-law notary at Smith Boeser van Grafhorst Notarissen.


Client Jeroen in his atelier.

Campaign photography commissioned by Parnassia Reakt.

Marcel and his Guinea pigs

Pet owner Marcel together with his guinea pigs. Campain photography commissioned by “Ranzijn Tuin en Dier”

Sergio & Esmee

Portrait of Sergio and Esmee at the Haagse Zaak.

Campaign photography commissioned by Parnassia Reakt.

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Rabobank ● KLM ● T-Mobile ● Trekpleister ● Voorzieningswijzer ● Woonstichting De Key ● Parnassia ● Het Stedelijk Lyceum ● Erasmus MC ● Samen dementievriendelijk ● De Bibliotheek ● Rotterdam UitAgenda ● Z!EN magazine ● Lourens Magazine ● Grazzia UK ● GezondNu magazine

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