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Image by Bram Belloni

Joke Schut (1988) vowed as a child she would grow up to be different than her artist mother. But keeping to this proved to be difficult. During her graphic design studies a photography module sparked her interest, and after graduating she decided to retrain as a photographer. At the Willem de Koning Academy of Arts in Rotterdam, Schut’s instinctive interest in people and their stories led her to documentary portrai


Now as editorial portrait photographer Schut thrives on that tingly feeling in her stomach: receiving a phone call today to be commissioned on a job tomorrow; arriving at a shoot not knowing what to expect or what the outcome will be. One of the biggest perks for Schut is being surprised by people and their settings. On contracted jobs the thrill is to succeed in producing creative work within the parameters of the assignment. With personal projects she delights in portraying the subject on a deeper level.

Based in Amsterdam, Joke Schut Photography divides her time between personal projects and commissioned editorial work for clients throughout the Netherlands.
Represented by Hollandse Hoogte.


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